About Us

Thoughtful House Foundation is a registered not-for-profit organization aimed at using its expertise and resources to give children on the Autism Spectrum a fulfilling life. Thoughtful House has been working with children and families on the autism spectrum since 2010, and we have built our programs and practices focused on three main objectives that constitute our Vision:

Center of Excellence – Thoughtful House center runs a differentiated (one-on-one) autism intervention program using a combination of methods that have proven effective, all at subsidized fees. We groom and mainstream our pupils into regular class at our host school, Creative Learning International School, whose teachers are well trained and able to manage children with autism in the classroom. Our aim is to be the Center of Excellence for Autism Education, Resources and Intervention in Nigeria and West Africa.

Beacon of Hope – We offer hope to children and families on the autism spectrum through advocacy with extensive media campaigns, distribution of informational brochures and capacity building at our parents’ fora as well as free family counselling. We strongly believe that children with autism have a bright future for themselves, their families and the nation.

Champion of support. We work to create awareness and support about autism through our various interventions – Charity Walks and events, trainings for schools, and autism awareness seminars and talks at various institutions. We also provide technical support to schools and intervention centers on their Special Education/Autism  programs.