Our Projects

_dsc1121Thoughtful House Foundation is a registered not-for-profit focused on creating awareness, advocacy, and giving support in a nation where there is limited awareness and diversity of cultural and spiritual beliefs especially in developmental and other related issues. To achieve our goal of being a voice for individuals and families on the spectrum, we have laid out programs and events targeted at educating the public and building capacity within our environment. These  include:

Organizing and hosting Annual Autism Awareness Walks in the month of April designated as the Autism Awareness Month by the WHO.

Awareness Talks: Free Autism Awareness Talks to government offices, parastatals, and corporate bodies. We believe that our talks have gone a long way in sensitizing the Nigerian populace which has been oblivious of the existence of autism and developed gross misconceptions of the disorder and very much unaware of the realities of autism and its effects on our society.

Through the generous support of the media house in Abuja, we have enjoyed extensive media engagements in campaigns from radio, television, and print media all in our desire to create awareness and acceptance.

Teachers training and capacity building: Passion for education has been one of our driving fortraining-pictureces and based on that, we organize training and donate materials targeted at school teachers especially in the Early Years and Primary schools in a bid to establish Early Intervention and to enhance inclusive education for children with autism. In this way, we donate our time, resources, manpower, and expertise for the advancement of autism education in our community. We also offer Technical Support to schools on starting and operating autism care centers and running an effective inclusive environment that accommodates differences.



Our Quarterly Parents’ Forum brings together parents of children living with autism for a morning of learning and interaction. Parents supporting Parents was a concept we conceived as a way of teaching parents how to deal with the challenges that come with raising a child with autism. It is also meant to be a platform for them to share ideas and experiences, encourage and inspire each other.


The Autism Directory Nigeria, a guide to autism care centers in Nigeria, is a free e-book for parents and caregivers, published by the Foundation to help them in finding care wherever they are in the country. This publication is available for free on http://www.bebetterbooks.biz




110 Autismcover Tips– 110 facts and tips that you should know – is an e-book that sums up Autism in very simple Words and clear illustrations in beautiful artwork. It is an easy guide for the novice person when it comes to knowing about autism and helping in the care of children. E-copies and Paperback copies are available at http://www.bebetterbooks.biz and jumia.com for only N1,000 and on amazon kindle for $5. By buying a copy of this book, you are educating yourself while helping us raise funds for our work, creating awareness, and supporting the cause of autism in Nigeria.


ChubuResource Pix and Chibi’s Autism Adventure is a 10 part animated series designed to help build capacity around the autistic child. Good for parents, onboarding of domestic staff, and everyone in the family. Very entertaining as well as informative and educative. Watch Episode one on https://tinyurl.com/Hello-Chubu